The new Aiways U5

Fully electric, fully equipped, fully suitable for everyday life.

The Aiways U5 leaves nothing to be desired – and leaves no room for compromise.
That's because this electric SUV peerlessly combines outstanding range with plenty of space, a minimalistic design language with impressive features, and innovative technologies with straightforward handling.

Whether for short drives in the city or long journeys in the country, all you have to do is plug and play.
With the Aiways U5, you will reach your destination both comfortably and cost-effectively.
The fully electric U5 delivers driving pleasure from start to finish, wherever the destination.
Order now and take advantage of attractive environmental purchase bonuses.

0 kW
/ 0 PS
Engine power (204 hp)
0 minutes
Fast-charging time from 20% to 80%
0 + km
Range (WLTP)

Aiways U5: Combined electricity consumption¹ in kWh/100 km: 13.8 (NEDC);

17.0–16.6 (WLTP). Combined CO₂ emissions¹: 0g/km. Efficiency class: A+

Your Way.

Just Electric.

Experience the unexpected spaciousness, the unparalleled comfort and versatility of the Aiways U5.

Explore the design from every angle

360° Experience

Expressive exterior,
impressive interior.

In the U5, which is fully equipped as standard, you can make a big impression whilst enjoying maximum comfort.
Its elegant yet dynamic design is both aesthetically pleasing and timeless.

The interior boasts a minimalist design style and sophisticated materials.
Get ready for a variety of lighting options,
a suspended touchscreen as the central control element and an exceptional level of spaciousness.
Thanks to headroom and legroom unmatched in this vehicle class, the concept of interior space is redefined.
No wonder you'll feel right at home in your spectacularly spacious U5.

Images may show optional extras.

Proof that big can be beautiful

4.68 m long, 1.87 m wide, 1.7 m high. This five-door car is not only a treat for the eyes on account of its pure size and streamlined silhouette, but also thanks to sophisticated details such as recessed door handles and an aerodynamic spoiler – both of which serve to reduce drag. What's more, the charging connector below the left-hand headlamp is not only easily accessible, but also exceptionally well concealed.
Images may show optional extras.

Light in the spotlight

The L-shaped LED headlights and the LED tail lights, which are integrated across the entire rear, are eye-catchers in their own right. Thanks to their unique multi layered design, they blend seamlessly into the vehicle exterior.
Images may show optional extras.

Alloy wheels

In the XCITE configuration, 17" alloy wheels bridge the gap between the car and the road; the PRIME version boasts two-tone 19" alloy wheels with aerodynamically optimised tyres.
Images may show optional extras.

Roof and rails

Thanks to built-in roof rails, the car can carry up to 75 kg of extra baggage. The rails either come in black or match the colour of the car's paintwork. What's more, dual roof spoilers ensure optimum aerodynamics, not to mention a streamlined appearance.
Images may show optional extras.

Touchless opening

In the PRIME version, the electric boot lid opens at the push of a button; it is even contactless and can be activated with a simple foot movement beneath the rear apron. As there is no loading sill, loading/unloading is easier and more straightforward than ever before.
Images may show optional extras.

Safe and comfortable

All passengers in the PRIME version of the U5 sit on a leather/imitation leather combination that ensures stable hold from all sides.
The driver can look forward to a seat that is adjustable in six directions (four directions in the case of the front passenger seat), not to mention a lumbar support that is electronically adjustable in two directions. Upholstered central armrests provide even more comfort, in both the front and back. The back seats can be folded in a 60 : 40 split. By raising the load floor, it is possible to create a flat compartment with a capacity of 1,543 litres.
And with the I-SIZE child seat attachment units, the U5 offers extra safety for the little ones.
Images may show optional extras.

Everything under control

The future has arrived in the cockpit of the U5. A three-part combined display (4.2" / 7" / 4.2"), tilted towards the driver, provides a digital summary of all key vehicle information, such as the battery charge status and seamless regenerative braking. And because the steering wheel, which is lined with microfibre leather, has been levelled off at the top and bottom, the driver has an unimpeded view of the futuristic instrument panel at all times. The height and depth of the steering wheel can also be freely adjusted to your requirements.
Images may show optional extras.

Minimalist cockpit, maximum control

The linchpin of your new control centre: the suspended 12.3" LCD touchscreen (1,920x720 dpi) with anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-smudge protection. It allows immediate and intuitive access to entertainment, automatic air conditioning, the panoramic roof and much more. As such, confusing and unsightly switches, buttons and levers are consigned to the past. Smartphones can easily be connected via Apple CarPlay and operated via the touchscreen. What's more, you can also access regular over-the-air updates and upgrades for numerous functions via the central touchscreen.
Images may show optional extras.

For that convertible feeling

The PRIME version of the U5 offers the largest panoramic sunroof in its class by quite some margin. Light streams in through no less than two thirds of the roof, making the already spacious interior seem even bigger. Look up and enjoy the spectacular view! And don't forget your sun cream.
Images may show optional extras.

You'll find it everywhere: space

You'll want for nothing in the Aiways U5. Especially space. Whether for small things or large: thanks to the handy storage space in and below the central console, in the doors and in the optional glove compartment, everything can be easily stowed away – and found again in the blink of an eye. Thanks to a boot capacity of 496 litres when the backrest is upright and 1,619 litres when the backrest is folded down, you can take everything with you on holiday. And if that's not enough, extra space is located beneath the load floor in the boot. You don't even have to use this space for the charging cables, as they are stored within easy reach beneath the engine hood.
Images may show optional extras.

Dual-Zone air conditioning

Thanks to dual-zone automatic air conditioning, both the driver and front passenger can enjoy their desired temperature, which can be easily configured via the central touchscreen. An air conditioning fan is also on hand to adjust the temperature for passengers on the back seat. And if you get caught in a traffic jam, you can leave the automatic air conditioning running, even when the engine is switched off.

Power train and battery pack

Synchronous electric motor

Developed in-house by Aiways, the car's permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor is a powerful engine that unleashes impressive performance; 150 kW (204 hp) and maximum torque of 310 Nm guarantee dynamic responsiveness, coupled with maximum efficiency and zero emissions.

Power and capacity

Installed within a sandwich structure, the Aiways U5 battery pack comprises 24 modules with high energy density. The modules are supplied by renowned supplier CATL, whereas the battery and the battery electronics have been developed in-house. The innovative battery pack boasts 63 kWh of capacity and powers the motor with 150 kW and 310 Nm, enabling a range of 410 km (400 km for the PRIME model).* By virtue of the high charge efficiency, charging (DC) from 20% to 80% takes just 35 minutes.


* Calculated under test conditions similar to WLTP, official report dated July 2020.

Sandwich structure

Unlike other automotive battery packs, the U5 battery pack features a patented sandwich structure. The multilayered structure inserts an insulating screen between the battery module and the cooling plate, thus separating the "dry zone" (battery module) from the "wet zone" (cooling plate). Efficient cooling and preheating boost battery efficiency, which, in turn, enables greater capacity and therefore an increased range. You also benefit from a long service life. Even after eight years, the battery pack still supplies a minimum of 80% of its original capacity.


The separation between dry and wet zones ensures an unprecedented level of safety, even if the battery becomes misshapen or breaks. In the event of a serious collision, the battery module is also protected against coolant leakage. This eliminates the risk of fire/explosion. As such, a 15 mm gap between the underside of the battery plate and the battery module serves as impact protection.


The well-insulated battery is protected against overheating by a liquid cooling system. This also increases charging efficiency and enables greater capacity.

The outstanding safety of the U5 cooling system has been demonstrated in an extensive range of tests and simulations (including squeeze testing, fall testing, fire testing, flood testing, vibration testing).

Aiways U5: Combined electricity consumption¹ in kWh/100 km: 13.8 (NEDC);

17.0–16.6 (WLTP). Combined CO₂ emissions¹: 0 g/km. Efficiency class: A+

Intuitive and straightforward charging with the Aiways U5

Whether you are only travelling short distances on a daily basis or regularly embarking on long journeys, the Aiways U5 has the perfect charging solution for every scenario. You will soon notice that "slow" alternating current (AC) charging is usually perfectly adequate;
however, the Aiways U5 also offers ultra fast direct current (DC) charging, with up to 90 kW, at Hypercharger stations.

The pictures shown are for reference only. The actual product may differ.

Conveniently charge your Aiways U5 via your household electricity supply. Whether at home, in the office or on holiday, you can charge your Aiways U5 at all standard 230V household power sockets thanks to the ICCB charging cable. We recommend that you ask your electrician to check your household electricity supply to verify that it can handle the load without any issues.

Simply connect the vehicle to the electricity supply overnight – just like with your phone – and get behind the wheel of your fully charged Aiways U5 in the morning.


If you are unable to charge your vehicle at home or in the office, Aiways offers access to a comprehensive global network of charging stations. For example, you could charge your U5 when shopping, eating out or going about your other daily activities.

An even more convenient option is charging your Aiways U5 overnight with a Wallbox with up to 11 kW¹.

Simply connect your vehicle to the Wallbox using the Mode 3 charging cable for AC charging stations (cable supplied as standard). This cable also allows you to use a wide range of public charging stations. Depending on the electricity provider, the power available at public charging stations may vary.

¹ Maximum charging power at 3-phase, 16A.

The Aiways U5 is also perfectly equipped for spontaneous long-distance journeys. In terms of public charging, Aiways provides its customers access to a network of almost 500,000 charging stations worldwide. This network also includes numerous high-power (DC) charging stations on major transport routes and at other locations (e.g. supermarkets, restaurants) across Europe. With maximum charging power of up to 90 kW, the Aiways U5 can, for example, be charged up from 20% to 80% in 35 minutes, thus restoring its energy to sufficient levels. As such, charging breaks on long-distance journeys in your Aiways U5 are even shorter than a coffee break, which you should take anyway.

One option is to plan the long-distance journey in the same way you would with a combustion engine vehicle. There are plenty of high-speed charging stations available, meaning that you can simply stop at the next one whenever you want to charge the car or take a break. Alternatively, you can connect your smartphone with the 12.3" information display and plan your journey in advance using apps such as 'PUMP'. Benefit from real-time information on individual charging stations, such as their precise location, number of sockets and availability status. It’s now possible to plan your journey without ever having to worry about an empty battery.

Even though you won't have to worry about the price of petrol any more, one question still remains: how much does it cost to fully charge the car?

Aiways leaves the choice of electricity supplier up to you. As such, you are free to charge with your preferred provider – in the same way you can choose your petrol station. This allows you to select the most convenient option.

Do you know about the Aiways app?

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Innovative technologies for progressive safety

The Aiways U5 combines a whole host of active and passive safety systems and convenience features.
It is fitted with twelve ultrasonic radars, five HD cameras, three millimetre wave radars and two interior cameras as standard, thus enabling all-around digital visibility.

Der Aiways U5 kombiniert eine Vielzahl von aktiven mit passiven Sicherheitstechnologien und Convenience Maßnahmen. Er ist serienmäßig mit 12 Ultraschallradaren, 5 HD-Kameras, 3 Millimeterwellen-Radaren und 2 Innenkameras ausgestattet und ermöglicht so eine lückenlose, digitale Rundumsicht.

The various sensors and cameras detect roads, vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles – and help prevent collisions.
What's more, six airbags and multiple advanced safety systems help to keep you safe.

The passenger compartment complies with the five-star requirements of Euro NCAP, with other safety features preventing theft and assisting in an emergency.
On account of the car's extremely low centre of gravity, the lateral inclination is reduced when steering around corners.
This is reflected in a more agile and dynamic – but always completely safe – driving style.

The U5 is ready for autonomous driving (L2+).

Adaptive cruise control

At speeds of up to 130 km/h, the sensor checks your speed and adapts it in line with the position of the vehicle in front. As such, a safe distance to the vehicle ahead is maintained at all times.

Traffic jam assistant

The traffic jam assistant makes driving easier, especially in congested traffic. The system automatically handles the cycle of acceleration, braking and restarting – and can even handle steering manoeuvres within certain limits. The traffic jam assistant remains active at speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Automatic emergency braking (AEB)

Automatic emergency braking warns you of impending collisions with other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians in order to prevent or mitigate such collisions. If you do not take action yourself, the assistant will automatically apply the brakes in order to prevent the collision or, at the least, lessen its impact.

Forward collision warning (FCW)

Using a radar and forward-facing cameras, forward collision warning detects vehicles and pedestrians in front of you. If your car closes in on another vehicle or a pedestrian at a speed of more than 10 km/h, an alarm will sound. A notification will also appear on your combined touchscreen, reminding you to slow down and maintain a safe distance.

Lane keeping assist (LKA)

Lane keeping assist helps you to keep your vehicle in its current lane. If your vehicle inadvertently drifts into another lane, the system will detect this using a forward-facing camera and will automatically correct your steering, braking and/or acceleration. This assistant remains active at speeds of between 60 and 120 km/h and also warns you if you take your hands off the steering wheel for more than eight seconds.

Blind spot detection (BSD)

Blind spot detection helps you keep everything in sight and, when you change lanes, warns you of other approaching vehicles by means of a buzzing sound and a warning light. The system also includes a door opening warning feature, which warns you and your passengers of approaching vehicles as you exit the car.

Collision-activated circuit breaker

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, all doors will be automatically unlocked, and the hazard lights will start to flash. Furthermore, power will be immediately shut off in all other electrical circuits, thus preventing short circuits, fires and other serious incidents within the vehicle.


The body cage of the Aiways U5 is the world's first body construction that has been built in line with the principle of 'steel above, aluminium below'. The corresponding materials are used where they are needed. The U5 passenger compartment consists of a mixture of 52% aluminium and 47.6% high-strength steel and has been developed by teams of engineers in Germany and China. The steel used is approximately four times stronger than conventional high-strength steel. Thanks to pioneering adhesive, welding and forming techniques, the body is approx. 50% more robust than a comparable steel construction, thus achieving five-star robustness as per Euro NCAP.


Die-cast aluminium produces a more lightweight yet more robust overall structure. In turn, this results in a standard model with a kerb weight of 1,720 kg (including the 63 kWh battery), with the PRIME model weighing 50 kg more.

Parking assist

In order to activate the parking assist system, all you have to do is operate the switch in the central console and continue driving at a moderate speed. An acoustic signal, coupled with a text notification on the display, will alert you to a suitable parking space.

In order to initiate the automatic parking process, you simply press down the switch and simultaneously hold down the brake pedal. Hold down the switch throughout the parking procedure, until this procedure has been completed.


The airbags form part of the passive safety system and complement the three-point seat belts. The airbag system comprises the driver's airbag, the front passenger's airbag, side airbags at the front and curtain airbags on both sides. In the event of a front-on collision, airbags offer additional protection for the head and torso of vehicle occupants; in the event of side-on collisions, side/curtain airbags can reduce the severity of injuries. The airbag system only works if the ignition switch has been activated.

The Aiways U5.
Now available in Europe.

Technical specifications

Compare features (PDF download)
Engine power
0 kW
/ 0 hp
Range (WLTP)
0 km
Max torque
0 Nm
Fast charging time
0 min*
7,8 sec
Battery capacity
0 kWh
1, 10 0 kg
Engine power
0 kW
/ 0 hp
Range (WLTP)
0 km
Max torque
0 Nm
Fast charging time
0 min*
7,5 sec
Battery capacity
0 kWh
1, 10 0 kg

* From 20% to 80% at High-Power Charging Stations (DC)

Aiways U5: Combined electricity consumption¹ in kWh/100 km: 13.8 (NEDC);

17.0–16.6 (WLTP). Combined CO₂ emissions¹: 0 g/km. Efficiency class: A+

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