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New ideas in technology, new mindsets around sustainability, new values as far as our quality of life is concerned. We can feel our societies changing as we challenge the status quo of the world.

With the mission to drive this progress in a positive way, Chinese entrepreneurs Samuel Fu and Gary Gu founded Aiways in 2017. And the desire to make electric driving as enjoyable, exciting, and accessible as possible has turned into a global Aiways network. This include a highly innovative, digitalised plant in Shangrao (China) with an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles, R&D and design centres in Shanghai (China), a battery factory in Changshu (China) and the European Sales Centre in Munich.

Furthermore, Aiways extended its range in 2022 with the U6 joining the already available U5. Both models prove the dedication Aiways has to its mission by delivering driving experience that is not only sustainable and dynamic but also one of the most affordable on the electric mobility market.

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At Aiways, we aim to make a difference – for society and for the environment. This vision to improve life by advancing personal mobility is our mission and gives us a clear direction in everything we do.

So, we are on a mission and this mission focuses on today. How can we make electric mobility absolutely accessible? We believe that we can only succeed if we can create a hassle-free and affordable driving experience for everyone – and inspire you to get in.

You can create a future that measures up to your ideas. And you can count on Aiways to be your electric companion for everything that drives you in life. Fully charged to go new ways.


Are you someone who questions the status quo in the automotive industry, takes a great interest in the future of electric vehicles and is open to new ideas? If so, we want to get to know you.

We are a strong and diverse team with a wide variety of characters and backgrounds. Some of us already have considerable experience under out belts from the days of internal combustion engines, whereas some of us are completely new to the field of mobility. Whatever the story told by your CV, we are happy to listen.

Mobility is changing. As we race toward a new world of alternative mobility concepts and different ways of ownership, our goal must be to improve our society today and for the future. Aiways is committed to driving this change. Why? Because we care about making a positive impact on the environment and we believe we can also make a positive impact on your life.

We want to bring the ease and joy of fully electric driving to a wider audience. We want to offer you highly innovative, fully electric car that suits your daily life so you can continue to experience – and celebrate – everything it has to offer.

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As a young and innovative company, we think ahead and aim to develop concepts that are ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Of course, this goes far beyond simply building an electric car.

We are committed to redefining premium electric mobility as well as the concept of mobility in its entirety to create a solution that fits seamlessly into everyday life. A solution that is living space as well as driving experience. A lifestyle. And an electric companion ready to go new ways with you.

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